19 August 2015


So my family and my dad's best friend's family are incredibly close, and somewhere over the years they just became our family. I have grown up with them at every one of my major life events, their kids call my mom and dad "aunt and uncle", and no matter what I do in this life they will love me just like family. Since they moved to Indiana about 10 years ago, there have been many trips back and forth (on both ends) to visit. 

Their daughter who is my age, Annalysa, is just about the most quirky person I have ever met. She has a huge heart, loves fiercely, dances at the slightest sound of music, and is obsessed with Jack Skellington (I mean OBSESSED, ya'all - she almost started crying this weekend when we found a store that sold Jack stuff, ha)! When I was 5 years old our parents brought us to Johns Incredible Pizza to meet (a pizza buffet/arcade place kinda like Chuck E. Cheese's). I remember after we had eaten it was time to play in the arcade, and as she followed me around like a little puppy it started to dawn on me that it wouldn't be so easy to get rid of this girl. Boy was I right! For the remainder of my childhood she continued to follow me around and love me no matter how mean I was to her at times. Despite myself, I fell in love with the dang girl and now I really do think of her as a cousin. 

But I haven't seen her for at least a year or two before my wedding...so I'd guess about 5 or 6 years. I tell Matt about her all the time and its so weird to me that he still hasn't met somebody who is such a big part of "my story". Well, she came up to visit California this last week, and I was really hoping Matt would finally be able to meet her...but she was just so busy with other family that it was really hard to find a time when even I could see her! I only found out she was in my neck of the woods on Saturday and I had to do a bit of rearranging on my schedule to even get a few hours with her - but Mattie just wasn't able to do it last minute. 

So I joined her and a few others at - guess where - John's Incredible Pizza! Can you even believe the irony that is my life?! Seriously, you can't plan this stuff. It was so freaking weird being there together since both of us remember that first time we met pretty clearly.

Yes, we played all the arcade games for old time's sake! And yes she is STILL JUST AS COMPETITIVE! You should see this girl's victory dance.

That couple of hours turned out to not be enough after such a long time apart and I ended up taking a "mental health day" on Monday so I could join her and her uncle at MAGIC MOUNTAIN of all places. You guys - my life! We've been there so many times together as kids that this is also a nostalgic place in our history.

While we were there, something kinda hilarious happened. Halfway through the day, I see my friend Olivia in the bathroom and she starts telling me in a hushed whisper about the "hot Serbian guys" her and her friend found. They were just hanging out together for the day haha! They had even given them nicknames already, which I find funny because their real names were Borris and Bronco so...I mean, who needs nickname with names like that?! 

Next thing I know, Borris is sticking a straw full of frozen lemonade in my face, feeding me and saying "you're pretty, you're pretty" in his thick accent. What do you even do?! Hahaha I ate it! Everyone was so confused and then he said, kinda embarrassed, "her shirt..." I happened to be wearing my shirt that said Feed Me & Tell Me I'm Pretty! Then he told Nick that he was a lucky guy because he thought Nick was my husband haha. 

So here I am in line for Tatsu.. with two Serbian guys who barely speak English, Olivia and her friend I've never met, and my crazy cousin and her uncle haha! I can honestly saw I never would have guessed that would ever happen, but I freaking love how random life can be sometimes. Oh and Full Throttle is my new FAVORITE. Don't get me wrong, X2 will always have a special place in my thrill seekng heart, but Full Throttle is just...amaze.

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ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

Haha that shirt gets you into all sorts of trouble! ;) love it :)

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