09 August 2015

Okay, maybe I did forget how to blog

No...seriously. Before I wrote my last post I was like "after I get that off my chest I can just go back to normal" And when I wrote it I kept expecting blog posts to just come to me (as per usual) but nothing was coming and I realized this week that I might have to try to force it for a second because honestly I'm drawing a blank. I even considered quitting the blog but then I died a little inside so...here's an attempt to try to fill you in on the past month or so even though I'll never remember anything I would have wanted to say had I been blogging full time, ha!

4th of July...what is there to be said that hasn't already been said? We ate, we laughed, we watched fire explode in the sky...and I took pictures. 

Our bottom floor is a construction zone right now because we are doing some demolition and working on so many projects at once slash this is going to take forever because we are 5% through 500 separate projects. So that's fun. But we've got a target and we're moving towards it, so slow and steady wins the race, right? My upper floor is going much better though - I've got a little furniture now and you can even start sensing my french country theme, I think.

Wait! Did I tell you we're getting a sphynx?? I'm obsessed. I've wanted one for a few years now but they are SO EXPENSIVE it's hard to justify spending that much money. But with this whole lack of baby thing, we both agree that I need something to love and take care of or I am just going to keel over and die. So I get my cat...in 6 months...when we finish saving for it, haha!

Hair update: I started plopping overnight:

Matthew has been working really long hours and every single night I have to rub the knots out of his back. Sometimes he falls asleep on me. The night before this next photo was taken he started falling asleep on me and I said "Lets go to bed babe" and he said "No!" which was weird, usually he'll just go right to be when he's tired! He was obviously falling asleep so I kept prodding him and he said "I want to stay here because you wont cuddle me if we go upstairs!" Eek! Instant guilt - wife of the year award, right?? That poor guy is such a cuddler and I am just...not. I was so sad that the poor guy would rather fall asleep on the floor cuddling me than sleep in his comfy bed so I tried to convince him that I would cuddle him for 20 whole minutes if he went upstairs.
And um...my sister in law got her wedding photos back. I think that's about the last of the updates. The photos were gorgeous though, and the couple is just so so happy together. I feel like they are that couple who will stay in a perpetual state of newlywed bliss for the rest of their lives. Matt and I love this series of pictures from the wedding lol

But there's also some really nice ones of course:

My random favorites:

This one is not a favorite but check out the size of this wedding party, lol.

Favorites continued:

Fun fact! When I went wedding dress shopping I  didn't have a real vision...I had no idea what I wanted, and was super confused. I thought I would just "know" when I found the dress. But that feeling never came for me and I just ended up picking the one everyone seemed to like best. There was one part on it that I really hated and I asked if it could be altered but the lady said definitely not, so I just took a chance that it might grow on me. It didn't. Don't get my wrong, I really did LOVE some parts about my dress...but after my wedding, I would go online and look at dresses and imagine which one I would have worn if I had really been true to myself and chosen one that felt perfect. AND I ACTUALLY FOUND IT. It was the most beautiful gown I had ever ever seen and I knew that if I could go back in time, it would have been my dress. I was so in love, I saved it on my pinterest board and would go back to look at it frequently. I even showed it to Matthew, and Sara, and a couple of friends. When Sara went wedding dress shopping, she did have a distinct vision - she waned a mermaid gown. But her mama saw this one and convinced her to try it on. The moment it was on, they both had that "this is it!" moment and Sara knew she had found the dress of her dreams. Guess which dress it was haha?! It was my dream dress! Seeing my sister in her (our??) dream dress really was amazing. She was absolutely flawless in it and I spent the majority of the day making sure the train didn't get all twisted around because I really was obsessed, haha! It was just as stunning in person as I had imagined. What are the odds though?! Irony is like...my life's middle name or something.

Laynahslife Irony Crawley. That's my life's name, don't wear it out! Paha. If that joke is lame, I blame it 100% on the fact that I fell asleep at midnight and woke up at 4am wide awake from a very vivid dream in which I was Rose Dawson on the Titanic. I couldn't get back to sleep so I just started blogging and now its like 6am but I  am so exhausted feel like going back to sleep now! Good news is, I'm rambling again so I may have found my blogging voice! 


JoJo said...

Welcome back! Lol I think we all kinda abandoned our blogs at times. Lovely photos!

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

What what?! so many updates! Haha :) First of all, so happy for you and your cat . . . I know how much you love those things! Does Matt share your love of them? Haha :) Second of all, I've seen your "before" hair plopping pic on FB, Instagram, and now here, but I'm still not sure what plopping really is or what the end result looks like . . . And I guess I could look it up because I do know how to use the internet, but I'm just asking you instead ;)

Amie said...

Your photos are beautiful!! Love that wedding dress too!

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