23 August 2015

Spiritual Experiences in San Diego

This Saturday my Mattie and I packed up the car at 5am to head out to a wedding in San Diego! I was so pumped to see the temple because I was only an itty bitty girl last time I was there - and it did not disappoint! We ended up getting there an hour and a half early so that was basically a dream come true because I was able to walk around and take pictures and coerce Matthew into recreating one of our wedding pictures haha!

This was the wedding picture:

Then the ceremony - ohhh my goodness the ceremony! I am so team "LA temple" and even from the outside of the SD temple I was like "Oh thats nice" but all the temples are nice and to be honest it doesn't take my breath away. I feel like it looks like a big chunk of the building is missing right in the middle. But then I found myself inside an elevator, and when the doors opened on the fourth floor they revealed a GARDEN right there inside of this gorgeous, white room and I just about died. Va. Va. Voom. Seriously took my breath away. I obviously don't have a picture of the inside, but if you click this link and zoom in you can see the flower-shaped window on the roof. The center part of that flower is open, but the petals extend down into the temple, forming a sorta star-shaped glass enclosure housing a beautiful variety of plant life. It is SO much better than another spire!

 ^ of course there would be seagulls perched on the sunny San Diego temple haha!

Anyways. I'm in love. But about Josh! The groom this weekend was a long time, dear friend of mine, and also happened to be the first boyfriend I had after my parents packed me up and moved me to the middle-of-nowhere town I grew up. He was far from Mormon when we "dated" at 14, but since the moment he was baptized (at 16 or 17) he has truly strived to represent Christ in every single thing he does and I have a deep respect for him for being such a good example to me...even though I was LDS long before he was. In fact, my family and I thought for sure I was going to end up marrying him eventually, but halfway through his mission, Matthew's dad (the Stake President) formed a YSA ward where I met Matthew and the rest is history.

I was already engaged when that long-anticipated two years was up, and incredibly nervous to see Josh at his homecoming. What if - heaven forbid - I had feelings for him?! Literally the instant he opened his mouth to speak at his homecoming, a powerful wave of non-emotion ran through me and I knew I had made the correct choice. Matthew was my forever love. To deny it would be denying a thousand promptings to a thousand prayers - but for some reason seeing Josh and feeling that feeling let me know that I most certainly had NOT misinterpreted those promptings.

But I still respect and admire Josh for the strong person he is, and we have a friendship that I am grateful for. Also in the wedding party was somebody else who I never thought would be Mormon - Joe Quinn! Joe was the last person you'd expect to be religious in high school, and I even remember him talking trash to me about the Mormon church on more than one occasion, ha. But one semester of living with Josh right after graduation was enough to get him baptized AND his conversion was so thorough that he started filling out mission papers immediately! It was such a shock! Miracles really do happen and Joe's conversion is totally a miracle. Today some of his old friends are shadows of the human beings they once were, literally living in the darkness of their trailer park homes with bodies reduced to corpse-like skeletons through years of hard drug use. Wondering if that could have been the fate he avoided by joining the church, and being with the two of them in the temple touched me to my very soul. The three of us have walked very different paths, but it's no coincidence that our lives have been more joyful and fulfilling than they have ever been since centering them on our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for that knowledge. And of course, I just had to get a picture of the three of us with our forever loves.

Congratulations, Joshua and Joslyn. Happy eternity.


Kay R. said...

That is certainly a stunning building. Congrats to the bride and groom.

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

I love thissss :) The Church is true! and it blesses our lives so much :)

Amie said...

Wow those photo's are so beautiful they don't even look real, just amazing!!! Such and amazing story as well :)

Darcy said...

How beautiful is that temple!? What a gorgeous wedding!

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