14 August 2015


I'm spending my Saturday night all alone right now watching Real Housewives of whatever city we are on, and it is honestly the best time ever! Right now my Mattie is at a Dodger game helping my father-in-love celebrate his birthday...

and I'm just straight chillin like you wouldn't believe. This is such a gloriously lazy night!

It is so so quiet around here without that Mattie around and sometimes on nights like this I like to go through the #thingsmymattie says hashtag. I knowww there isn't a lot of content on there now, but it is enough to make me smile on days when smiling is hard. I think these little glimpses into our conversations paint such an accurate picture of our relationship! Here's one of my favorites:

HA! Every time I read this I laugh out loud. I remember being so surprised that for one time in my life he was trying to get behind my frequent habit of "doing something crazy" ...and it turns out it was only a typo! I'm pretty sure the crazy thing I was thinking of doing here was giving up processed foods. That lasted about 4 hours.

Here is another one that surprised me. This is the day I learned that a "pretty please" and a selfie can get you anywhere in life:

He has actually bought me a car since this conversation...but it was grey. Now maybe you can better understand his response in that first screenshot haha - he has a wife who frequently gets off-the-wall ideas. This response made me go all mushy though...would he actually be okay with a pink car? Probably not. But I love that he would still consider one if it means I would be happy - and honestly, its still in the back of my mind, filed under "one day".

One more, one more, this is so fun for me :) This one happened just this week. Next weekend we are going to a wedding in San Diego and Matthew has been talking a lot about going to the zoo. The zoo is where we had our first date and it's just always been a place that has felt romantic to us because we really did start to fall in love on that first day. Anyways, I've been trying to convince him that we probably won't have enough time to go, but I wasn't expecting this response - and with that emoji lol! 

Who could say no to that grumpy face?! I can NOT wait for next weekend...and for tomorrow too because we're going to go on some kind of day date (since my Friday night date got canceled). I think I win twice because now I've had a nice quiet evening to miss him aaaand we'll have more time together than if it was just an evening date.


ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

You two are cuuuute :) I love these 3 #thingsyourMattiesays :) especially the grumpy face and the giving in to a pink car :)

JoJo said...

You guys have such a great relationship. Hope it last forever ;)

Amie said...

This is the cutest thing ever!

Kenzie Smith said...

You guys have such an adorable relationship ♥

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