21 October 2015

Back to the future

Today my coworkers were super excited about back to the future day. We watched back to the future 2 (the one where they go to 2015) and talked about how Nike actually gave Michael J Fox the self-lacing shoes from the movie! If ya aint heard, those puppies are gonna be available sometime next year and all proceeds will go towards the Michael J Fox Foundation.

I took a walk down memory lane and was grateful for my blog. It has saved sooo many memories for me! It made me realize how important continuing to save these memories is! I need to get better at blogging and updating my life book stat (It's updated to May of this year, so guess what I'm doing after this).

Here are some of my favorite blasts from the past :) ...mostly involving Matthew haha:

 On our little mini honeymoon at Sea World. I remember hating this picture at the time because we had spent all day in the sun and I was tired.

 Picking our engagement photo spot. This lake is right down the street from our house, but with the drought in California it is dry as a bone.

 Right after picking out my wedding dress.

 Our first vacation while engaged - to a Crawley family reunion in Utah.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE. Just us lovin' eachother in his backyard (engaged).

 Lovin' eachother in my backyard haha - or dang close to it.

Aaaand BOO! Haha just because it's halloween ;) This was from when I was practicing my "Ke$ha makeup" for her concert haha! I still love her song Cannibal even though noooooobody else does.

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