04 November 2015


Welp, another month has came...and went without a single blog post from Laynah haha. A few of you may remember that I met my biological dad in the beginning of October. I've actually written a blog post about that experience but I am still up in the air on whether or not to click "Publish" because, dang. Right in the feels, guys. So forgive me for not blogging. I feel weird about blogging out of order but it looks like that's what I'm gonna have to do until/if I decide to share my Mississippi trip with the world. 

October was a great month. We went on a near cross-country drive to Mississippi and hit almost every temple in between here and there. We got our kitty and he is everything we hoped he would be. We also went to Knotfest and, of course, celebrated Halloween. Here goes the reader's digest version - brought to you by instagram which helped me remember the dates of everything haha!

Mississippi. September 30th - October 5th. To (maybe) be blogged later?

Shot my first (and hopefully last) wedding on October 9th.

Crazy storm. On October 15/16th there was an insane storm in our area. I live in the desert, and the desert was NOT made for water so its actually pretty common to have flooding whenever it rains a bunch...but dang, there was some insane flooding and lasting damage done with this one. On top of the flood, there were mudslides that literally swallowed up entire vehicles in moments. It was very scary and there was even a couple of nights where many people in my area specifically could not get home (myself included). BUT we were one of the lucky ones and the damage done to our home is minor, thank goodness. There have certainly been a lot of opportunities to serve since then. 

BONES. On October 17 we brought our sweet little kitten home. He really is everything I hoped he would be and more. Matthew has been so so sweet with him...it just kills me when I see that Matt put a sweater on him to prevent him from getting cold, or when I wake up at 5am and hear Mattie whispering in baby talk while he pets Bones haha. Kiiills me (insert heart eyes). And honestly, my baby fever is like 97% gone which is lower than its been since I was 12, so I'm legitimately pleased about that.

One of our favorite things about Bones is how much easier he is than a puppy. He doesn't consume our lives but is just a pleasant creature to have purring in your lap. Adorable? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. Litterbox? Check. Scratching? Minimal. Yowling? Nope. 

I understand that the "adorable" part is debatable for some, but we are both smitten. 

Haha, his too-small sweater vest kills me. Matt dresses him even more than I do, because he's worried about the cat getting cold lol. So usually if they are alone together I will find Bones with clothes on.

Bones cuddling with Mattie, because he is the clear favorite so far. I totally understand, Matt is kinda my favorite ever too.

This is a puppy sweater we got for him because, as you can see, his other one is way to small (I actually made the other one out of a sock haha). But this one is too big! So he has some growing to do.

Then we went to Knotfest. We actually had a great time, buuut it was both of our first times ever at a music festival and we were not prepared for the crowd being drawn to the "extreme stages". Luckily there weren't too many devil worshipers at the stages we were interested in seeing, but I'm gonna be honest, it was just not comfortable until we were surrounded by the people I wasn't afraid of in the VIP loung/seating area. ALSO, Coke is my faaave but the only beverage options they had were water or alcohol haha. Everyone had Coke, but nobody would sell it to me unless it was  mixed with dang alcohol!

I know what you're thinking: why the heck would you stay then? Because seriously you guys, it was such a perfect evening once we got to our VIP booth. Trivium and Korn put on SUCH a good show (Matthew liked Mastadon and Judas Priest but they were just "eh" to me) it was honestly worth it. And now we know. 

Finally got ahold of a Pepsi once we were safe from the unwashed masses. Not a Coke, but it will do in a pinch lol.

How could anyone stay mad with free burritos and beautiful relaxing tents?

And lastly, Halloween! I was so excited about this Halloween but didn't really get any good pictures! I had found this costume on Zulily back in April for $30 and decided that I would be Maid Mariam and Mattie would be Robin Hood. But things got crazy with Bones and property taxes and flat tires and all this other stupid grown up stuff that Matt decided he didn't want to buy a costume. I was so sad but I agreed to make a deal that as long as he dressed up with me every other year, I would be happy. I got decorations for our car for trunk or treat and I was just going to tell people that I was a medieval princess or something.

But then he goes and gets a Robin Hood costume! You guys. This guy. It says sooo much to me that he did this because he really, truly does HATE dressing up for Halloween. And I know he would never make me try to do something that I legitimately hated, so sometimes I feel kinda bad when I think about it...but he knew it would make me happy. And that's all the motivation he needs sometimes. So he gritted his teeth and dressed up with me, not single complaint out of him all night. Seriously, he got sooo many brownie points for this, I can't even.

Thanks for the memories, October 2015.

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