04 January 2016

The Chill

Every year my company has an extravagant Christmas party to finish the year off with a bang. Last year every employee got two tickets to Disneyland, hotel rooms for the night before, and breakfast with Minnie before the park even officially opened. I took my brothers and it. was. magical!!

This year I took my brothers again and we all went to The Chill at Queen Mary, got a "haunted tour" of the boat, and ate a steak dinner. Delish. 

I dressed for 7 degrees Fahrenheit and my husband was legitimately embarrassed to be seen with a woman dressed for the cold in the 80 degree so cal temperatures haha! Turns out everyone else just wore their normal clothes and rented out "public parkas" to go see the ice sculpures. Once inside the Ice Kingdom, I breathed a sigh of relief while my brothers and husband shivered in their parkas haha. 

K so lets talk about ice. As we walked through the maze that is the Ice Kingdom, extravagant sculptures carved out of colored ice told the story of A Christmas Carol. They were magnificent! You gotta hand it to the artists, like cake decorators and ice sculptors, who are okay with their work only existing for a brief moment in time.

The grand finale of the whole thing was an ice slide and tunnel, and even though we were all shivering at this point, Matthew took off his parka (voluntarily!) to take a picture with me in the tunnel. This guy...

Before dinner we worked up our appetites exploring the boat. 

Oh, and let it be known that the "haunted tour" was...cheesy.

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