21 March 2016

California Series: Cherry Orchards

Something about having my desert photo shoot and paying homage to my mother land in my last blog post gave me closure. My thoughts belong to Idaho now, and soon I hope my heart will too. We're moving there in the early summer (I think other states refer to this as "spring") which will give me plenty of time to fall in love with it before the icy grip of winter comes clawing at my door.


This also means that I am saying goodbye to California while in it's most beautiful state. The poppies are popping, blossoms are blooming on trees everywhere, and it is officially windows-down weather. Just how I'd like to remember it.

I can't help but think what a perfect time this is for selling too! Right before summer, hills alive with the color green and sound of bumblebees, and ample rain making the lake more than just the teasing thought of "one day it will fill up again". Per usual, all my worrying was for nothing and everything is coming together exactly as it should.

Next week we'll be loading up all our things and giving away the things we didn't manage to sell. The week after that, the house is going up on the market (and we will start living out of suitcases with family), the week after THAT we will be moving to Idaho, and I'm fairly confident that by the week after that one, we will get some good news about an interested buyer. 

Bye Felicia! And by Felicia, I mean: you beautiful valley where I spent the last two years of my life.


Christine Everyday said...

Oh wow, these photos are stunning.

Kate Maccio said...

So beautiful! The state is giving you a gorgeous send off!

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

Gorgeous photos, but I couldn't help but get stuck on "early summer"...haha! It's definitely called spring outside of California -- I remember when we moved to our house last MAY, it was freezing outside, because summer was still a distant thought haha.

Brittany said...

I visited a dessert for the first time this past December and immediately fell in love. So freaking gorgeous! We were in Arizona and Vegas. I couldn't believe how much I loved it! It's incredibly beautiful. Sounds like you have some great memories there. I'm so excited for your new adventure! Glad that you are following the path laid out for you guys it will be worth it.

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