30 April 2016

Idaho Hikes

Yesterday my sister-in-love went with me to Idaho falls. We were supposed to go to a museum but it was field trip day, so we turned right back around and went to the car when we saw how many kids there were! She took me to go walk around this little area near the temple, and then we went to the furniture store and tested out some of the massage chairs haha.

Probably my biggest pet peeve about Idaho so far is that nobody sells California King bed sheets! At least the Walmart in Rexburg and the Target and Furniture store in Idaho Falls don't - if anybody can suggest somewhere else I should try, that would be great. 

I wouldn't have considered the little walk we took in Idaho Falls a "hike" but when I searched for local hikes it is actually one of the ideas that popped up. The one I went on TODAY however was definitely a hike, and it was the craziest hike I have ever been on!

First of all, I'm just glad I found it! It was kinda in the middle of nowhere but I made it there okay with the one exception where I almost got stuck in the mud. Driving up to it, I thought "Huh. There's snow on those mountains. I wonder if I'll pass by some snow while I'm hiking?"

To answer that question, yes. Yes Laynah, you will be trudging through muddy, snowy, slush for the next two hours. When I pulled up and saw a little bit of snow I thought it would be fun to see snow up close for the first time in years haha. The more I hiked though, the more snow there was, and before I even realized it I was literally trudging through the snow being passed by snow mobiles. 

AND I WASNT EVEN THE ONLY HIKER. I couldn not beliiiieve that I was seeing other people hike that snowy trail. I wish I could say that I made it all the way to the end of the hike but two miles in, the snow would come up to my shins with every step and I was just not dressed for that. On the way back I stopped to take this picture of the melted snow making its way down the mountain and called it a day.

I can't wait to go back and actually see the lake once the snow is gone!!


Rachel Lloyd said...

What trail was the snowy hike? I love walking the greenbelt! It's one of our favorite summer/nice weather activities :)

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

Oh no! Snow definitely makes hiking a lot more difficult. I find I spend more time trying to not slip than actually enjoying the hike. good for you for getting out and about though!

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