24 April 2016

Rexburg Idaho!

On Friday, My two bald loves and I made it to the 'burg. The 13 hour drive was wonderful, kitty was amazing and cuddly with no potty accidents, and since Matthew and I love road trips so much it almost seemed like it was over too soon! Especially since I knew he would be leaving as soon as we got here. So on Friday, we moved my brother-in-love and his wife out of their apartment and moved ourselves right in! I am absolutely in love with the apartment. The storage space is satisfactory, and since I got rid of so many things I am literally surrounded by only the things that bring me the most joy or are complete essentials (isn't that the konjari method or something like that?). For the past two years I have been struggling to furnish and decorate a house that felt way too big for us, but here I have enough to make it beautiful and comfortable so it finally feels like I can cross that off my list.

Matthew left for California first thing on Saturday morning because he had to be back at work on Monday, and since then I have just been unpacking and organizing. I sold a bunch of stuff on the local buy/sell/trade page yesterday and it was so nice not being scared of being murdered after giving strangers my address to come pick stuff up haha! 

Rexburg really reminds me of our last area with the rolling green hills and small town feel. The 25 mph speed limit is going to KILL US though. I have been warned so many times that I will get pulled over and I will get a speeding ticket even if I am going a few mph over...but driving that slow makes me want to pull my hair out. Walmart is only like 5 miles away and it would take me two minutes to get there in California, but here it takes 500 hours.

I don't know where anything is, but I know exactly where my apartment is in relation to the temple. Many times I have searched the skyline for guidance, and day or night that golden Moroni is right there helping me find my way. I feel like I truly understand now when Gary E. Stevenson said "You are never lost if you can see the temple." Every time I look at it I feel like I am home. 

I have noticed a couple quirky Rexburg things so far:
  • The Walmart is eerily clean and quiet. 
  • The dollar movies had some kind of ad for a Christian movie (most likely LDS but I didn't read it) and there was a huge picture of Christ looking down at the audience.
  • It's rained 2/3 days I've been here, off and on.
  • THERE WAS A WOMAN WALKING TO CHURCH IN 40 DEGREE/RAINY WEATHER. She did not have a maxi skirt. She did not have a coat. Many people walked but I was baffled that they didn't have dang coats on!! 
That's about it so far! I'm supposed to stay here for a month then go back to live with Matt in California (if he is still there) until our house sells - but by the end of Saturday I was already getting "I can't take it, just come back at the end of this week!" texts so we will see. I hope our house sells ASAP because I just want to start our life in Idaho already! 


Rachel Lloyd said...

My favorite thing about Rexburg is how you can see the temple from pretty much anywhere. I really miss always having that view.

Kimberly said...

The speed limits in SLC are mostly around 40, which is faster than Rexburg and slower than Lancaster. When I go back to Lancaster my family keeps reminding me that I can drive faster haha!! And my sister lives in Rexburg if you need someone to hang out with! I know she would love company (and she's a photographer like you!)

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